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Dr. Sinha, A Life Saver

It is not often that you meet a Doctor who immediately knows exactly how to help you. Well, I did, 5 years ago. After visits with 4 different doctors and an all day stay at the emergency room, I got to meet Dr. Sinha. I did think that something was wrong with me, but none of my doctors could find anything wrong. My experience with them was very frustrating. When my primary doctor sent me over to Dr. Sinha at the end of the day, she was gracious enough to see me immediately. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Sinha, she got about busily telling me what to do and said she would find out what was going on. She insisted on doing tests and did not take anyone else's opinions on what was wrong.

Dr. Sinha was very assertive and I was not used to that type of personality. I sensed an underlying caring about her so I decided quickly to go onboard with her suggestions. I sensed that she would get to the root of the problem. And a few days later we discovered that the problem was a tumor in my colon. As I had always taken care of myself and done all the things right, I was totally shocked with her conclusions.

She sent me to doctors who she assured me would know what to do, a radiologist and an oncologist, second opinions and more tests. I had stage 4 colo-rectal cancer. Dr. Sinha always kept in touch with me and did not dump me onto someone else. And she was only my doctor for 2 weeks!

I know that I could put my faith in Dr. Sinha and God. She took control of my healthcare and successfully got me through my worst nightmare and on the road to health. I have never met a Dr. like Dr. Sinha. She is excellent at what she does. She is thorough and honest about options to therapies.

She continues to treat me for preventative care five years now and has never forgotten the ordeal I went through. Sometimes I did not want to hear what she was telling me, but she was always leading me into the right direction. I have had to get many, many, tests and procedures to insure that I miss any returning cancer. Her quick actions and perfect guidance saved my life. I am forever grateful for her dedication to my care.

- E.S.


I have been seeing Dr. Sinha for about 7 years. I had seen other gastroenterologists previously, as I had suffered digestive issues which included gastritis, ulcers, and vitamin deficiencies since I was a child. I had also been having other issues that the previous gastroenterologists could not make a firm diagnosis for. Needless to say, I spent years in pain suffering from nausea, bloating, anemia, fatigue, low B12, low folic acid, skin breakouts, diarrhea, constipation, and frustration. Treating with over the counter antacids and sometimes Prevacid gave little relief to these symptoms. The Prevacid helped with ulcers but little else. Sometime around 2008 I had gone out of the country on vacation and became extremely ill and required a hospital stay. When I came back to the United States I was given 3 names to choose from by my primary care physician for a gastroenterologist. I chose Dr. Sinha and I am so happy I chose her.

I remember how impressed I was with Dr. Sinha on my first visit. She was extremely pleasant, caring, and thorough. She took her time getting my history and physical. She made me feel she was genuinely interested in my care and well being. During my first visit Dr. Sinha had mentioned celiac disease to me which she based off my symptoms and health history. Celiac disease had been brought up to me before with previous gastroenterologists but none of them ever made a firm diagnosis from the EGD and bloodwork. Their diagnosis was"celiac disease inconclusive." So, many more years had passed with no diagnosis and treatment. After I had explained this to Dr. Sinha she scheduled me for an EGD which I had not had in about 8 years. She also did something very different from what my previous doctors had done. She ordered a genetic marker blood test for celiac disease! She explained to me that the EGD is the "Gold Standard" in diagnosing celiac disease and that the genetic blood test is extremely important as well as it is more definitive than the previous type of bloodwork I had in the past. This was the first time in a long time I had hope that a diagnosis would finally be made whether I had celiac disease or not! This was the first time I had felt like I could trust a doctor and that I would finally get the help I needed.

I had many questions and Dr. Sinha took her time in answering all of them; I have seen other doctors in the past where they are always in a hurry and don't take the time the patient needs. Taking time and answering questions builds trust between a doctor and patient. After my EGD with biopsy came back with the classic flattened villi and the blood work came back with a positive genetic marker, Dr. Sinha made a positive diagnosis of celiac disease. Now I could finally begin on the road to understanding what was wrong with me and begin to make lifestyle changes to get better. I was relieved to know that I would not be on my own when making these changes. Dr. Sinha has a nutritionist/dietician that worked with me to counsel me in regards to changing my eating habits. Dr. Sinha's dietician explained to me the importance reading food labels and deciphering what has gluten and what does not. Dr. Sinha not only helped me she inadvertently helped my family as well, as they no longer had to watch me feel ill all the time. Dr. Sinha explained to me that when you have this disease and you eat food with gluten in it, the gluten triggers an immune response that is not normal. This response damages the inside of the small intestine which reduces absorption of important nutrients that you get from your food. I did not receive this education from any previous gastroenterologist I had seen. Doctor Sinha explained to me the importance of a gluten free diet and the risks of continuing to eat gluten. She explained to me that celiac disease can cause osteoporosis, anemia and increases your risk for lymphoma.

It has been almost 8 years and Dr. Sinha and her staff have kept an eye on me. I always receive phone call and mail reminders for my yearly follow up appointments to have my celiac titers checked along with a physical exam. When I have had to cancel and did not reschedule, her stag would send another reminder letter and call to make sure I kept my follow up appointments. When any test results come back, Dr. Sinha or her physician’s assistant always calls me and goes over them with me in a timely manner. No waiting weeks and worrying to hear back with results. I trust Dr. Sinha so much I have referred my friends and husband to her and she takes wonderful care of them. Dr. Sinha truly cares about her patients. I know if I was having issues and I had to just walk in and see her with no appointment that she would not turn me away because I did not have an appointment. These are just some of the reasons I have stayed with her practice for all of these years.

I am also impressed with the fact that she never suggests any test unless she truly feels it is necessary. She had never tested needlessly and she always tries to limit the exposure to tests involving the use of radiation. I have seen other doctors who seem to want to do every test there is. This is a waste of resources and time and it is not good for my body. Unless Dr. Sinha decides to move her practice a thousand miles away, she will always be me and my husband's gastroenterologist! When a patient finds a doctor that is an expert in her field, especially with celiac disease which is a lifelong autoimmune disease, she sincerely cares about her patients and their outcomes and not only diagnosis and treats, but provides patient education to improve your health and live a healthy lifestyle as best as your can, you stay with that Dr.

- A.W., 2/1/2015


How do you thank someone for saving your life? I came to Dr. Sinha with no symptoms other than an unexplained weight loss. Dr. Sinha's expertise in diagnosis caught an early stage stomach cancer; a lymphoma that can have a devastating impact, the longer it goes undetected.

Dr. Sinha's dedication to her patients' need is ever present. She even drove back in the middle of her vacation to tell me - in person - above my cancer, as well as to expedite the treatment process.

Given the quality of Dr. Sinha's surgical skills and her extensive medical knowledge, it is not surprising that numerous other doctors have rated Dr. Sinha as "excellent." Yet, Dr. Sinha is one of those rare doctors who treat patients with their hearts as well as their heads. As long as she has a practice, I will be a thankful patient.

- C.C.


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